Network Visualization and Analysis with Gephi

Network analysis can simply be understood as the analysis of social networks. The analysis provides a visual representation of different members (or nodes) within a network, and how they connect to each other.

I use Gephi to visualize networks based on data from Twitter and Facebook. I would highly recommend the following book: Analyzing the Social Web by Jennifer Golbeck (available on Amazon), to understand social network analysis.

Here are a few videos that are useful in understanding social network analysis using Gephi.

Video 0: (Updated Gephi tutorial for Les Miserables dataset (

Video 1: Visual Analysis of Social Networks

Video 2: A Walkthrough Analysis of Tor Networks in Gephi

Video 3: Gephi Tutorial: Finding Shortest Paths

Video 4: Gephi Labels and Colors

Video 5: Gephi Modularity Tutorial

Video 6: Gephi Tutorial: Filtering Networks

Video 7: How to Look at Node Labels in Gephi

Video 8: Gephi Tutorial on Network Visualization and Analysis

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