Latest Research: YouTube as a tool for health communication

I am pleased to announce the publishing of our latest journal article titled, “The kiss of death – Unearthing conversations surrounding Chagas disease on YouTube”. This study discussed the motivations that attract social media users to YouTube as well as their health belief towards Chagas disease, and how health communication experts can take advantage of … Continue reading Latest Research: YouTube as a tool for health communication

Big Data and Entrepreneurship

I have recently published a book chapter titled, “Big Data and Entrepreneurship” in the Handbook of Media Management and Business. The chapter helps students, industry professionals, and researchers understand big data analytics and the role of data scientists in media management and entrepreneurship. It also brings to light the opportunities and challenges brought by data … Continue reading Big Data and Entrepreneurship

Network Visualization and Analysis with Gephi

Network analysis can simply be understood as the analysis of social networks. The analysis provides a visual representation of different members (or nodes) within a network, and how they connect to each other. I use Gephi to visualize networks based on data from Twitter and Facebook. I would highly recommend the following book: Analyzing the Social Web by Jennifer … Continue reading Network Visualization and Analysis with Gephi


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