Why should students write?

“Find enough clever things to say, and you’re a Prime Minister; write them down and you’re a Shakespeare”. George Bernard Shaw

Many do not realize the benefits that ensue from effective student writing and yes even blogging. Especially in technology related programs, where one is acquainted with a myriad of online tools of expression, writing online takes a center stage. Some may already have blogs (learn more about blogs here) or personal websites. Others already write well as part of their educational career, however, a vast number of students do need help with writing effectively.

There are a range of benefits of writing and developing its habit is worth the effort. Not only can one express oneself more effectively but it is also beneficial when one wants to get across a point effectively.

Having taught undergraduate and graduate courses for a few years, I have always emphasized the need to embrace the online world and take maximum benefit of the different functionalities to self-represent, write, and actively engage in being part of the web revolution.

Realizing the importance of writing and most importantly academic writing for graduate students and others alike, I recently delivered a presentation on this topic.

The presentation was delivered at a session in MSU Simply Speaking Toastmasters club in October 2009. Although you would not be able to view the details that I presented verbally, the slides would give you a general idea of the message I tried to convey to the audience.

In particular, I emphasized the importance of academic writing. I view the practice of academic writing as an ideal way to express creativity. Everyone has certain talents and creative ideas that are better expressed rather than hidden in memory. Not only does a person express creativity but also achieve self-confidence and a synthesis of ideas that have the potential to lead to betterment of oneself and the society in general. Writing is an art, a great talent that comes with practice. The only and the best way to write well is through practice. I also encourage encourage educators in schools to encourage writing at an early stage. This positive habit can be instilled from a early age. But if you haven’t started writing and blogging about what you feel interested in, now is the time. Remember, its never too late!

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