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Widespread social media use is impacting just about every aspect of life. Users around the globe are employing social media to connect and engage. Businesses, organizations and state institutions have all found social media to be of immense benefit in reaching their audiences effectively.   My team at the SMART Lab in Scripps College of… Continue Reading »

Following is a list of major conferences in Communication and related fields: Conference Paper Submission Deadline Venue ICA International Communication Association (ICA) “ICA is an academic association for scholars interested in the study, teaching and application of all aspects of human and mediated communication.” Website:  Nov 01  USA & International  BEA  Broadcast Education Association (BEA)… Continue Reading »

Network analysis can simply be understood as the analysis of social networks. The analysis provides a visual representation of different members (or nodes) within a network, and how they connect to each other. I use Gephi to visualize networks based on data from Twitter and Facebook. I would highly recommend the following book: Analyzing the Social Web… Continue Reading »

It all starts with the need to measure performance. Performance metrics have been much discussed in the business literature, and with the pervasive use of social media it is but natural to devise and understand ways through which online actions can be measured. Various online social networking platforms offer analytics tools to provide social media managers… Continue Reading »