Social media benefits small businesses

“Social what?…” Yes, this was the answer I received upon asking a small business owner about social media. Sometimes, sitting in front of computers and being intensively involved with social media may make us out of touch with reality. No doubt social media use has become pervasive, but are some being left out? In my opinion, most small business may fall in the following three categories: Those… Continue reading Social media benefits small businesses

Preservation or extinction? The impact of CMC on a language

Computer mediated communications (CMC) has significantly altered the interaction patterns as we text, voice chat, and video chat with others on a daily basis and even every few minutes. Tweets and status updates help us communicate to wide audiences like never before.  Such proliferation of mass media has been at a global level where people from diverse cultures and languages have… Continue reading Preservation or extinction? The impact of CMC on a language

Why should students write?

“Find enough clever things to say, and you’re a Prime Minister; write them down and you’re a Shakespeare”. George Bernard Shaw Many do not realize the benefits that ensue from effective student writing and yes even blogging. Especially in technology related programs, where one is acquainted with a myriad of online tools of expression, writing online takes a center stage. Some may… Continue reading Why should students write?