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Dr. Khan is an Associate Professor in the School of Media Arts & Studies at Ohio University. He is also the Director of the Social Media Analytics lab at Scripps College of Communication. He has a diverse educational background with an MS in Telecommunications Systems Management and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). He received his PhD in Media & Information Studies from Michigan State University.

Prior to joining Ohio University, Dr. Khan served as an Assistant Professor at the American University in the UAE, where he helped establish a communication program and led efforts in creating a media lab. He has extensive professional experience as a social media strategist consulting for various organizations.

Research Excellence
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My research concentrates on user engagement focusing on social media use for business, learning, and public relations. I have published in major refereed journals of international repute, authored book chapters, and presented at prominent conferences in the field of media, communication and information systems. I have also worked on various funded research projects from the National Science Foundation (NSF) and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


I have vast industry experience working in managerial and consulting positions in hospitality, health, and media organizations. During my role as a Social Media Strategist for a company in Washington D.C., I successfully managed a number of creative projects that included web, social, and video messaging from their design and implementation to their evaluation and analytics.


My teaching experience spans more than a decade where I have served as an Assistant Professor, coordinator of a business program, curriculum designer, establishing standards and quality benchmarks. In 2012, I was conferred with an award of teaching excellence–AT&T Faculty and Staff Instructional Technology Award.

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