#WallofKindness Research


I am a researcher at Ohio University in the United States, trying to better understand the Wall of Kindness phenomena.

You are being contacted because our analysis shows that you were active in tweeting about the Wall of Kindness. We are therefore requesting you to answer the following questions which should not take more than 15 minutes.

  1. Did you create a Wall of Kindness? If yes, how did you organize (e.g. select the location, paint the wall etc.). Please describe the process.
  2. What motivated you to get involved in the Wall of kindness (online and offline)? Please describe why you tweeted about it?
  3. What communication mediums (including social media such as Twitter) did you use to promote the Wall of Kindness and spread the idea?
  4. What was the role and importance of social media for Wall of Kindness? Did social media (i) encourage donations (ii) helped spread the idea?
  5. Do you know any other people who created the Wall of Kindness? If yes, how do you know them?
  6. What kind of challenges or resistance did you face (if any)?
  7. Do you think that the Wall of Kindness will continue? Will the Wall of Kindness disappear with time?


You can simply message me your answers via Twitter or email them at the following email: khanm1@ohio.edu. Or you can reply to this post below.

Your participation would prove very helpful in promoting the charity initiative.

As a reward, we would be featuring your name or your Twitter profile/handle in our research study which is being published in a journal.

Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you for your time.

Laeeq Khan, PhD.

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