Dr. Khan the Teacher

I have a passionate personality and issues in the world deeply impact me. I have a deep conviction that teachers are the potential change makers in the world, one student at a time. Teaching thus became my way of having a positive influence in the world and impact the people I interact with in the classroom and beyond.

My teaching experiences have been diverse. I started my academic career in a business school. I then joined the Instructional Technology program at Michigan State in 2008. However, I moved to the Media and Information Studies program at MSU and attained my PhD with a dissertation that focused on branding on social media.

Dr. Khan’s Teaching Philosophy

My role as an educator derives its greatest strength from the realization that I can make a positive difference in the lives of others. I can contribute by helping create a nurturing environment for students, which leads to innovation and critical thinking. My approach to teaching reflects my experiences with my own teachers and mentors, as well as my belief that classrooms provide unique sites to explore emerging ideas. I know how much I have benefitted from excellent, dedicated teachers and my goal is to similarly contribute to my own students, whether online or face-to-face.

Here is a list of courses that I have taught in over the years:

Ohio University (Assistant Professor, Media Arts & Studies; Affiliated Faculty in Comm. & Development Studies)    
[2019]       MDIA6130x – Research in Social Data Analytics

[2018]       MDIA6082 – Intro. to Research in Communication & Development

[2018]       MDIA4130 – Social Media Analytics

[2017]       MDIA6082 – Intro. to Research in Communication & Development

[2017]       MDIA4130 – Social Media Analytics

[2017]       MDIA4011 – Media and the Digital Divide

[2017]       MDIA4130 – Social Media Analytics (Online, Summer)

[2017]       MDIA5900 – Social Media Analytics (Graduate)

[2016]       MDIA6082 – Intro to Research in Communication & Development

[2016]       MDIA4900 – Social Media Analytics

[2016]       MDIA5900 – Social Media Analytics (Graduate)

American University (AURAK) (Assistant Professor)
[2015]       COMM322 – Digital Resources & Content

[2015]       COMM323 – Advanced Journalism

[2015]       COMM329 – Survey of Tools & Technology in Communication

[2015]       COMM311 – Ethics of Communication

[2014/15] COMM100 – Public Speaking

[2014]       COMM223 – Globalization and Media Culture

[2014]      COMM112 – Introduction to Public Relations

[2014]      COMM110 – Introduction to Communication

Michigan State University (Selected Courses) (Graduate Assistant)
[2014]       JRN 430 – News Media Law and Ethics

[2013]       TC 101 – Understanding Media in the Information Age

[2012]       TC 401 – Social Media & Society

[2012]       TC 401 – Technology & Interpersonal Relationships

[2011]       TC 100 – The Information Society

SZABIST (Assistant Professor) [2007/08] 
Marketing Principles

Retail Management

Supply Chain Management

Public Relations

Management and Information Technology courses (for BBA & MBA)

COMSATS (Lecturer-Assistant Professor) [2005/06]  
Principles of Marketing


Public Relations

IT – Cyber / Electronic Marketing

Marketing of IT & Telecommunications Products & Services

Event Management

Electronic Commerce