Review Portfolio 2016-2017

Following is my review portfolio for academic year 2016-2017. I will trace my performance in three key areas–teaching, service, and research.


As a tenure-track faculty, I teach two courses in a semester. The Ohio University teaching career started with the design and conceptualization of a new courses in Social Media Analytics both at undergraduate and graduate levels.

MDIA 4900 – Social Media Analytics
Spring 2016
Social Media Analytics Summer 2016
Social Media Analytics Fall 2016
Social Media Analytics Spring 2017


MDIA 6082 –
Introduction to Research in Communication & Development
Fall 2016
Introduction to Research in Communication & Development Fall 2017


MDIA 5900 – Social Media Analytics (Graduate level)
Spring 2016
Social Media Analytics (graduate level) Spring 2017


MDIA 4011 – Media and the Digital Divide
Summer 2017




Establishing the Lab

  • Led efforts in the establishment of the SMART Lab. This included conceptualization, design and the overall vision of the lab.
  • Leading research efforts based on knowledge of and experience using advanced social media analytics platforms.
  • Connected and built partnerships with local community, various university stakeholders, and various other academic institutions.
  • Promoting an active research culture by nurturing research clusters in data analytics and social media.

Partnerships & Collaborations

  • SMART Lab & Google News Lab Collaboration, 2016
  • SMART Lab & Scripps Company Collaboration, 2016

Marketing / Outreach / Journalism

  • Created and maintained SMART Lab website, Facebook page, Twitter page, YouTube channel.
  • Newspaper: The Hill (Article: Trump won thanks to social media, Nov 15, 2016
  • The Medium (Article: Engage outside the echo chambers, Nov 16, 2016)
  • Radio: “Teaching Matters” produced by WOUB, March 07, 2017
  • Radio: NPR One, Social Media Analytics and the US Elections, October, 2016
  • SMART Lab producing videos for prominent faculty and graduate students.
  • Doctoral Advisee, Bowen Gao, Media Arts & Studies, Ohio University
  • Doctoral Advisee, Jamie Wu, Media Arts & Studies, Ohio University [2016]
  • Masters Thesis Committee, Volha Murashka, Ohio University
  • Masters Thesis Committee, Haley Kennedy, Ohio University
  • Masters Thesis Committee, Abigail Doyle, Ohio University
  • Media Arts & Studies Undergraduate Advising
  • Curriculum Committee, School of Media Arts & Studies
  • Undergraduate Committee, School of Media Arts & Studies
Journal and Conference Reviews
  • Associate Editor, Science Advances Journal
  • Journal Reviewer, Sage Open (2014)
  • Journal Reviewer, Commuters and Education (since 2014)
  • Journal Reviewer, Telematics & Informatics (since 2017)
  • International Communication Association (ICA)
  • Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC)
Talks and Presentations

Khan, M. L. (2016, December). Invited Talk, Social Media Engagement: Branding Pakistan’s Image and the Role of an Individual, Center for International Peace & Stability, National University of Science & Technology (NUST), Islamabad, Dec 13, 2016.

Khan, M. L. (2016, December). Invited panelist, PhD Forum, United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan (USEFP), Dec 08, 2016.
Khan, M. L. (2016, November). 3rd Annual Marketing Symposium, Ohio University: Dr. Khan was invited to present in the Marketing Symposium 2016: Adapting Mainstream Tools for Higher Education.

Khan, M. L. (2016, October). SMART Dialogue Series: Dr. Khan presented his research on (1) User Engagement on YouTube and (2) Text Analytics for a large Twitter dataset about the Rio 2016 Olympics and the concerns surrounding Zika virus. The SMART Dialogue Series features interdisciplinary Colloquiums on Social Media Research organized and hosted by the Social Media Analytics Research Team (SMART) Lab.

Khan, M. L. (2016, February). Research Colloquium on Social Media Analytics: A research colloquium centered on the latest technologies, research, and trends in social media analytics was hosted in the Scripps College of Communication at Ohio University. The colloquium by Dr. Khan also highlighted the overall vision and future directions for the SMART Lab. Schoonover Center, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio.



Journal Articles:

Khan, M. L. (2017). Social Media Engagement: What Motivates User Participation and Consumption on YouTube? Computers in Human Behavior, 66, 236-247.

Conference Papers:

Khan, M. L, Zaher, Z.; Newton, G., (2017). How social media defined Rio Olympics: A text analytics approach towards understanding the impact of Zika Virus, International Communication Association (ICA) Conference, May 25-30, 2017, San Diego, CA, United States.

Khan, M. L., Zaher, Z. (2017). Sharing online to caring offline: How social media helped build Walls of Kindness across three countries, International Communication Association (ICA) Conference, May 25-30, 2017, San Diego, CA, United States.

Research Grant Proposals
  • Social Media Analytics as a Digital Literacy for Businesses. Assessing the Impact of analytics-based interventions in small business success.


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