Presenting at ICA in Seattle

I will be presenting my research at the International Communication’s (ICA) 64th annual convention. This year the conference is being held at  Seattle in United State’s scenic Northwest.

One of my research looks at user engagement on social media. The second paper with my research team tests the Impact  of aggressive communication in the context of health and environmental risk. Like previous years, this year too the process was very competitive and a large number of papers were received. The acceptance rate was 36%, making ICA a very robust venue of research. I also had the opportunity to serve as a reviewer. Following are the papers that have been accepted for this year’s conference:

  • Khan, M. L., (2014). What motivates users to interact? Understanding Social Media Engagement through Likes/Dislikes,   Comments, and Shares. International Communication Association (ICA) 64th Annual ConferenceConference, May 22-26, 2014, Seattle, WA.
  • Besley, J., Oh, H., Chen, L.,Khan, M. L., (2014). Testing the Impact  of Aggressive Communication in the Context of Health and Environmental Risk. International Communication Association (ICA) 64th Annual Conference Conference, May 22-26, 2014, Seattle, WA.

For readers who are outside academia and not members of the discipline, I wanted to offer a brief insight about ICA. The International Communication Association officially emerged in 1950 as the National Society for the Study of Communication (NSSC). The core objectives of the new organization were identified as, “fostering methodologies, philosophies, courses and curricula in so-called basic communication, speech, journalism, radio and other mass media (including English, etc.) which would implement training more directly for the needs of human relations at all levels” (Weaver, 1977, p. 608). To address the changing field of communication, newer divisions, journals and other publications were added to represent diversity.

I look forward to meeting my colleagues and forming new academic relationships at the ICA convention in Seattle. I also hope that like London last year, ICA would be a phenomenal success.

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