Launching a Student Newspaper

It all started in the beginning of fall 2014 semester at the American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK). My students in the Introduction to Public Relations course were discussing possibilities of having a platform for communication and media students to show their creativity. A lot is happening at AURAK and Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) city that goes un-noticed. Hence came the idea to start a student newspaper that would give a voice to the students of the university.

After considerable brainstorming on the Facebook group page for AURAK communication students, it was decided that the new student newspaper would be called, Voice of AURAK. This student newspaper (entirely run by students) would cover local and university news. A core team of exceptionally bright students has stepped up to turn this idea into reality.

I truly believe in the need for students to have healthy extra-curricular activities. Indeed, writing is one of the most important activities for media students at any level. The upcoming newspaper is a step in that direction and will be a prime outlet for student writings that would help strengthen the community spirit on campus.

A student newspaper provides ample benefits. Voice of AURAK aims to help improve communication between all groups in the university; convey a positive and active image of AURAK to the wider community; bring to light important issues from a student perspective; and facilitate the university-wide educational process through stories on courses, events, and latest happenings. I am confident that this entire activity would help sharpen writing and thinking skills, enhance student motivation, and prepare a new generation of leaders and active citizens.

Before going out in the “real” world, the student newspaper is also providing leadership roles to students and give them the much-needed hands-on experience in publishing. Most importantly, students are be able to experience the concepts studied in various media courses through practical implementation.

As with any professional newspaper, Voice of AURAK has clearly defined roles for its team. The editor and assistant editor, graphics designer, arts editor, reporters/staff writers, and photographers all are already playing a part in making this venture a success. This endeavor also requires teamwork and I am confident that our students will work together and further enrich the academic environment at AURAK.

You are welcome to read Voice of AURAK here:

The young team of students who have worked hard on this newspaper are expected to continue their work in the coming semesters.

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