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The challenge of engaging online audiences

We are in an environment where individuals are increasingly active on various online platforms including social media. Online engagement is a complex process. It requires grabbing people’s attention and ideally making them participate online. In many instances, engagement through symbolic participation translates into simple acts such as “liking” content. In other cases, people comment and share content on social media platforms. A major question that arises is: Why are online … Continue Reading

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Presenting at ICA 2017, San Diego

I am excited to have successfully led two research projects to completion and will be presenting our work at the International Communication Association (ICA) 2017 conference in San Diego, United States. Study 1 (Sports Communication Division): How social media defined Rio Olympics: A text analytics approach towards understanding the impact of Zika Virus, [M. Laeeq Khan; Zulfia Zaher; Gregory D. Newton]. Abstract: Olympics is a global event that brings together athletes who compete … Continue Reading

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